Do You Ever Get A Song “Stuck” In Your Head?

Today, it totally happened to me…the song “Take My Breath Away” is just stuck in my head.

Want to know why? Every time I walk outside, that’s exactly what happens! It’s 107 degrees here, and it truly does take my breath away. (I know…I know… “it’s a dry heat”! …well so is my oven, right?)

Since I’m in Doha, Qatar, working for 2 weeks, thought I’d share some of the scenery with you. Took a walk to the Mall today, and captured some of the buildings.

Take a look at the view from the Globex Business Centre that we are working hard to open by July 1 – I could work while gazing from this window.

Doha - Office Views

 Doha - St Scape

Seems the local bird is the Crane! These are just everywhere.

Doha - Cranes

Here’s my hotel – really great staff, rooms, and Chef – you know that food is important to me, right? Well, all I had to do was ask, and they whipped up a special meal for me a few nights ago (Sorry, no photos, as I ate it all without thinking…) consisting of fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and pasta. Delicate, flavorful, and hit the spot after a long day of work!

 Doha - Intercontinental

Fresh flowers help to cool things off in the hotel lobby.

Doha - Flowers2

Doha - Flowers

Lots of construction going on all around the hotel. Here’s a view of the streetscape along the main road.

 Doha - St Scape2

And how about this for a tub with a view?

 Doha - Tub

Gotta go cool off with yet another glass of water – more fun to come!


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6 Responses to Do You Ever Get A Song “Stuck” In Your Head?

  1. Karen says:

    Dry or humid…I would be suffering in that heat. Thank you for sharing the interesting photos of a area I know I won’t get a chance to visit.


    • It is fairly miserable at 109 degrees – but everyone tells me it’s “still cool” for Summer – ouch! It will be really hot until end of August. The weather is perfect though from Jan – April. They’ll be wearing coats then at 70 degrees! Kinda like Miami, I guess…LOL!


  2. I can’t even imagine that kind of heat. We’ve been drooping here for days with muggy 90’s. You know looking at those pictures, some of the buildings don’t even look real. More like an artist’s rendition or something in the future. Now that tub with a view is truly fantastic – not sure I’d get out of there.


    • It is indeed stifling…don’t know how the construction workers (in their long sleeves, long pants, and work boots) are able to work outside on those bldgs. I’m in Abu Dhabi today, and it’s not as bad, since there is a bit of a breeze BUT it’s more humid here. Walked to b’fast and just about sweated my clothes off…LOL! Now I’ll be indoors til late tonite!


  3. Dawn Collins says:

    what a ‘cool’ place….can i come with you?


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