Peachtree Road Race – Happy 4th!!

Hubby and I were lucky enough to get “volunteered” by our dear friend, Bill, to assist the Atlanta Track Club at the Peachtree Road Race yesterday. What an absolutely awesome day (other than the getting up at 3:30 am part of the day…..)

Here’s the Press Truck that Hubby got to ride in. In spite of the rainy, soggy morning, everyone on hand had a huge smile for Hubby’s camera – even the Press.


I had the privilege of driving the pace car for the 36 Military runners. It was a “run away”, with one lone runner on the Army Team, David Seymour, leading the pack. This guy must be made of iron, as he never let up! Not even up “cardiac hill”, the be-dreaded hill in front of Piedmont Hospital that gets to the runners right about the time they begin to feel the pain. But no, David just chugged away, talking to the guys on the press motorcycle that rode beside him as he ran uphill….and I had to make sure to stay out of his 10-mile-per-hour way! (Sorry there’s no photos of this part, since I had to keep my eyes on the road.) Take a look at all of the Military Team Results.

What a thrill – once I got to the end of my duties, parked that pretty little Benz, and watched – just in time as the world-class runners RAN at high-speed toward the finish line – for a first ever photo finish – WOW! Those two runners looked like they had just started a race, instead of just about to finish one!! Incredible, and I for one, just don’t know how they do it.

From the Press Truck, Hubby got this great shot as 60,000+ runners took off – just after the elite runners had a record first of a photo finish. Another first? Rain delay…but the show must go on….What a day!!

IMGP2459 crop

Below is Alexi Pappas from Oregon, the winner of the Women’s race, crossing the finish line – check out her time! Did I say “Amazing” a time or two….indeed!

IMGP2521 (2)


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4 Responses to Peachtree Road Race – Happy 4th!!

  1. I ran the race for the first time. Thanks to you, your hubby and all of the other volunteers for hanging out in the rain!


  2. loisann5 says:

    Very fun! There’s nothing like the energy of a road race to get you moving!! What was the distance of the race?


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