Recipes To Try

Recipes for Various Inventions – Take a Look and Start to Cook!

Some are “true” recipes, and others are Inventions, based on what was on hand at the moment in the pantry and ‘fridge.

Be sure to add your comments on any ingredients you add, substitute, or re-create so we can all give them a try.

We are especially interested in reducing sugar and oils by using applesauce, bananas, or agave nectar in our baked goods. All ideas are welcome!


2 Responses to Recipes To Try

  1. Ankit says:

    I am all for trial recipes, they are way more fun than following the book
    And Congratulations!
    You have been nominated for ‘one lovely blog award’


    • You are kind indeed for the nomination. I’ve just been nominated by another of my blogger friends this week, so I’ll have to get busy with a reply and post about it all. Take care, and thanks for stopping in for a visit!


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