Time To Get Busy in the Garden!

Since the weather is clear, sunny, and full-on Spring like (including the outrageously high pollen counts), we took a ride to our little half of a plot at the Alpharetta Community Garden last night (shared with David and Rochelle).

Time to clear the weeds, add amendments to the soil – and get planting!

Community Garden 1

Here is a picture of the plot (looks like David’s garlic is the winner here!) after we weeded.

Community Garden 2

Of course, we just HAD to add some banana peppers, and look at the spinach that decided to remain in the garden plot over the winter. Saturday is the first official Work Day at the garden, so we’ll share the day with you next week. Happy gardening!


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8 Responses to Time To Get Busy in the Garden!

  1. I think we’re finally at a point where we can start thinking of gardening but first…a lot of yard debris clearing, bush trimming, and of course weeding everywhere.


    • You mean the Spring Thaw is on its way?? We have weather today in the high 70’s and then next week, should be back in the mid 60’s where it belongs…yes, the A/C is currently running in our upstairs area, which is too bad too early in the year..! Hope it is not as hot here as it was last year, cause the tomatoes do not like that at all.

      Happy weeding!


  2. amintiridinbucatarie says:

    we started doing the same thing 🙂
    regards, Oana


  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    It looks great! We will be planting a little garden soon at Casa Debbio. I hope it looks as good as this.


  4. That looks awesome! I cannot wait to join you and start planting outside. I have until May 20th until the last frost date but will be planting some peas tomorrow. Isn’t that amazing what remains after the winter!! I saw some “purple stuff” in my garden and swiss chard that remained after the winter and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what the “purple stuff” was for sure so I pulled it. It looks like you had a beautiful sunny day.


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