Community Garden Plant Swap

Alpharetta Community Garden Entrance

Alpharetta Community Garden

What do you do with:

15 Early Girls, 16 Straight Neck Squash, 14 Crooked Neck Squash, 34 Better Boys, 20 California Wonder Bell Peppers, 28 Romas, 24 Jalapenos, 17 Sweet Banana Peppers, 16 Early Long Purple Eggplant, AND 16 Okra seedlings???

Oh, did I mention they are in a BASEMENT??? – or that these 200 seedlings just so happened to be started from SEED???

Here’s the story:

Our dear friends, David and Rochelle, are extremely involved in the Alpharetta Community Garden – from start-up to final product. This year the garden’s Plant Swap is on Saturday, 4/9/11, from 9am to 1 PM at Wills Park. As any involved community action hero would do, they started to prepare for the Plant Swap by planting 220 tiny little pots with seeds on February 13, then transplanted same to 213 homemade newspaper pots (did I mention they HAND MADE these newspaper pots???…and that they lost only 4 seedlings??? – and that was only because of an accident involving seedlings and a grow light…’s much to tragic to describe further), THEN once again transplanted the seedlings to large plastic pots, in which said seedlings currently reside….

Tomatoes Enjoying Their Grow Light

That is, until this Saturday, when all those babies will be whisked away to the Community Garden to begin anew in someone else’s garden….all told, David and Rochelle will have devoted countless hours of love, attention, water, fish emulsion, and grow lights to further the cause of the Community Garden. No, they will not receive compensation for all of this hard work. They will simply enjoy watching others take their babies and transplant them ONCE AGAIN to a final home, where the new seedling owner will reap the benefits of healthy, home-grown, tasty produce (that started life back in February in a basement) that will find a place on someone’s dinner plate later in this year’s growing season.

Squash Showing Off for their Close Up

If you want to see this amazing feat of nature’s wonder (with a little help from dirt, water, and light), come to the Plant Swap this Saturday. You will be amazed how much attention goes into the food products that go into the Kitchen Inventions at each of our homes. (I’m just excited that I did not have to build those newspaper pots… ) 🙂

Newspaper Pots for Seedlings


About Our Kitchen Inventions

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2 Responses to Community Garden Plant Swap

  1. Here’s to a successful Saturday Plant Swap! The Community Garden looked ready for the new season when we were there on Sunday. See you soon.


  2. Julie Hogg says:

    I can’t wait to see the product of their produce!


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