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How Do I Always Find Time for An Italian Dinner?….

Is it that Italian food just calls out my name as I walk by?….Or do you think it’s an addiction? I don’t know, but either way here I am again….tasty food, good wine, and an outdoor table with perfect weather. … Continue reading

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Wine Cellar Extraordinaire

Don’t you just love the looks of this “bottle holder”? Wish I had a kitchen big enough to hold that! Plus the climate controlled “wine cellar” is over the top! Makes me want to finish that unfinished bonus room, and turn … Continue reading

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When It’s THIS Good, Why Go Anywhere Else?

Our friends are always curious, asking why we visit the same restaurants over and over and over again in Italy. Well, it’s hard to explain……..a lot of people only “travel” to Italy. We tend to think of ourselves as “repeat visitors … Continue reading

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Lunch Should ALWAYS Be This Way

Have you ever experienced a plate of fresh, local, incredibly tasty ingredients, that was just SO good, you hated for it to end? Well, my fellow blogger friends, these little dishes of deliciousness are just that – each plate of treats … Continue reading

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On A Mission At The White Truffle Festival

Tartufo Bianco…the white truffle! Each November, the smell of truffle perfumes the entire hilltop town of San Miniato, Italy.  During the last three weekends of the month, the town plays host to a magical event – the White Truffle festival, better known as the “Mostra Mercato Nazionale del … Continue reading

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Just Back From Italy – And Ready to Share!!

Sixteen Days!   16 days…..   2 weeks – plus 2 days. No matter how you say it, it seemed like a long time, yet passed so slowly quickly each day, as we both experienced the joy of being in what we consider to be … Continue reading

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