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A Day Trip To Dubai

One Saturday while in Abu Dhabi, I was fortunate to spend the day in Dubai with a friend and his lovely wife. They have lived there a number of years, and took me on a journey to see “The New, … Continue reading

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Gnocchi Day – In Abu Dhabi!

On the 29th of each month, we celebrate “Gnocchi Day” – a tradition introduced to us by our friends in Florence, Italy at the B&B In Piazza della Signoria. Each month since November of 2011, we have faithfully followed the rules: Secure … Continue reading

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Return To La Brioche

I know I know I know….habits are hard to break, especially when they involve returning to a great little spot for a bite (or lots of bites!) to eat. So, knowing from my last visit that this visit would be JUST … Continue reading

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A Slice Of Paris in Abu Dhabi

Today, I ventured down Khalifa St. to a quaint restaurant called La Brioche. Recommended by one of my new friends here in Abu Dhabi, I decided to try it for lunch. Great choice! Here’s the story: La Brioche serves freshly … Continue reading

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Market Treasures in Abu Dhabi

How is it that whenever I travel, there is always a food market involved in my explorations?….Funny how that happens…. I am in Abu Dhabi working until the end of January, and enjoying the opportunity to explore the city on … Continue reading

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Galileo Ristorante in Pisa, Italy

For the best “fast food” lunch in Pisa, Italy, just make your way to this special place on via San Martino – Galileo Ristorante – for the daily fixed price 10 Euro lunch special.     Here’s how it works: Lunch includes water, … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays – Buon Natale – Feliz Navidad

From our family to you – Merry Christmas! Hope you get lots of great gifts, plenty of tasty food, and lots of time with your family and friends. Here’s Santa in Florence, Italy…too bad he washes away in the next … Continue reading

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Small And Learning It All – Italian Style

Hello, all you faithful followers – The link to this post was not working correctly earlier this week. This is just entirely too cute to pass you by, so here it is again. Hopefully, this will work for all of you … Continue reading

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Small and Learning It All – Italian Style!

While at Trattoria Roberto in Florence, Italy for dinner, we had the total pleasure of sitting next to Miriam’s table. At almost 2 years old, Miriam is learning to experience all there is to enjoy about her life in Italy. Out … Continue reading

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Florence, Italy 2012 Marathon

On the day after Thanksgiving each year, the city streets of Florence are closed to traffic, as almost 10,000 runners take to the streets for the annual Florence Marathon. It is truly a site to behold, as the crowds stand … Continue reading

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