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Special Guest Post – Starring the Hubby!

The Hubby is always behind the scenes (or lens!), taking all those fabulous photos and making sure that the food and fun is captured in a special way. So, today Hubby is the writer and editor of all things garden. … Continue reading

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Borlotti Beans Are Ready to Harvest

Since this is our first attempt at growing Borlotti Beans, we are delighted to share with you the progress made so far. The outer shells have turned a beautiful shade of red and white, having started off a beautiful shade of … Continue reading

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Another Cooking Class – At Our House!

Saturday brought about Cooking Class #2 – entitled “Simple Summer Salads”. Since it was over 90 degrees out, the thought of preparing a nice, cool, summer dish was very enticing. So here’s what Linda, Maggie, and I dished about: Started off by … Continue reading

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Do you personally know your Olive Oil maker?…..

One of the most interesting adventures in Italy in November was the visit to Renzo Baldaccini’s olive oil “farm” – Villa Baldacinni – complete with miniature horses, Golden Retrievers, and his very own chapel on the property. With over 900 olive trees, some … Continue reading

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Pickle Palooza!

Yes, It’s been awhile way too long since anything has been posted here…blame it on the August weather in ATL with over 90 degree temps for the last month…blame it on lack of food motivation….blame it on too much work and not enough brain … Continue reading

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The Cucumbers are Coming, The Cucumbers are Coming…!

Somehow, when typed, it just does not sound nearly as funny as when I say it out loud….anyway, our friend, David, has cucumbers coming out of his ears right now. Found the trusty old Zucchini Pickle recipe from Cooking Light … Continue reading

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First Two CSA Kitchen Inventions

Since I told you about the CSA Goodies, there have been two really fun recipes in which we have used some of the ingredients. Here are the first two: Grilled Zucchini with Parmesan Pesto               … Continue reading

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Surprised By CSA Goodies!

Imagine if you will that your friend, David, calls and offers his share of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce to us this week – ’cause he is headed out of town for a Birthday Celebration with The Mrs., Rochelle. We … Continue reading

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Great Asheville, NC Breakfast Spot

We traveled to Asheville, NC area for an overnight get-away – stayed at the Grand Bohemian Hotel  close to the Biltmore House. Great hotel, friendly staff and surprised to learn that they had an Artist Showing with wine tasting in the … Continue reading

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Community Garden Plant Swap

What do you do with: 15 Early Girls, 16 Straight Neck Squash, 14 Crooked Neck Squash, 34 Better Boys, 20 California Wonder Bell Peppers, 28 Romas, 24 Jalapenos, 17 Sweet Banana Peppers, 16 Early Long Purple Eggplant, AND 16 Okra … Continue reading

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