Stay Thirsty, My Friends!

Any excuse for a party is a great excuse, right? Well, how about a 28th Anniversary celebration for me and the Hubby? That was just the ticket this past Saturday night.

Welcoming us and our friends was this guy – you might know him as The World’s Most Interesting Man…..he knows us as regulars at El Azteca Mexican Restaurant.

World's Most Interesting Man

Gathering the troops together to celebrate at El Azteca allowed us to kick back and relax – while Alfonso did all of the cooking! And he did not disappoint with his selection of goodies.

Table Decorations

Starting with ceviche, and moving on to chicken with mole, we all dug in to enjoy the evening.

Chicken with mole

Fresh guacamole, chips & salsa, cheese dip….you know the drill…no counting calories until at least tomorrow….

Cerviche and Guacamole

Our dear friend, Rhonda, brought Carrot Cake cupcakes – freshly baked by her Mom, Linda. Here’s the story – Linda baked our wedding cake for us 28 years ago, and (yes) it was a carrot cake wedding cake! Tradition just has to be maintained, right? Especially when that is the Hubby’s favorite cake.

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

To keep the celebration going, we brought along a giant (is there any other kind?) Chocolate Cake from Costco, since three of our best buds had birthdays this past week. Terry, Jim, and David all got to don the festive hats and get embarrassed as the staff and friends sang “Happy Birthday” to them.


Since we were celebrating multiple events, the cake had to be appropriately titled, so it became the “Happy Birth-A-Versary” cake!

Until next year’s anniversary, Stay thirsty, My Friends…..


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Inspired by travels to Italy, cooking with fresh ingredients, sharing our Kitchen Inventions dinners with friends, and enjoying good wine. Photography and cooking are the main focus for our site. Please stop by Wade's website to enjoy more of his works of photography.
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6 Responses to Stay Thirsty, My Friends!

  1. Happy anniversary – congratulations! Looks like a great party.


  2. Happy belated Anniversary! It looks like a great party with lots of good food!


  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    That looks like fun!


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