Red Gold Simple Gourmet Lasagna Party

Party and Lasagna in the same sentence? That’s my kind of night!

The nice folks at Red Gold Tomatoes recently sent me a goodie package, filled with all the right stuff to make lasagna as part of their new ad campaign – “Food Brings People Together”.

Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag

And I could not agree more, fellow Bloggers, that food is more than mere nourishment… food means friendship, caring, happiness, celebration, and love in our house! Food is the reason we all gather around to laugh, talk about our day, and (of course!) drink a bottle or two glass of wine.

So when they asked if I would participate in their Lasagna Party, the answer was “when and where?”  Well, my dear friends, the answer is NOW – at your house. Grab your garlic, chop some mushrooms, and jump over to that saute pan.

Mushroom Close Up

Mushrooms and Garlic

Once the mushrooms are ready, remove from the pan, add a bit of oil, and lightly saute your spinach.

Mushroom Saute

Spinach Saute

Mix together ricotta, egg, pepper, oregano, salt, and some grated parmesan in a bowl. Get out the mozzarella cheese, and let’s layer.

Layer Lasagna

Top it all off with cheese cheese and more cheese…and cover with foil.

Top Layers

Here’s a nifty tip: when you get ready to cover the lasagna with foil, spray the foil with cooking spray, and your top layer of cheese won’t stick to the foil. Then 45 minutes into the cooking time of about an hour, remove the foil and let that baby get brown and bubbly.

Let your lasagna “rest” for about 10 minutes before you cut it. I know I know…hard to resist, but that makes it hold together in layers better.


The Red Gold Lasagna party runs from January 13 through February 3 on Facebook, where they have some pretty fancy giveaways, including 750 aprons, plus gourmet party prize packs which include a Le Creuset lasagna pan. Be sure you get more details at the Red Gold Facebook page, as well as checking out Laura’s Lean Beef at their website. Seeing how this was a veggie lasagna, we picked up some of Laura’s Beef for those beef eaters to enjoy “on the side”.

Laura's Beef

But for now, here’s a peak at the Veggie Lasagna that we partied with on Saturday night with our friends, Them Howards, at our house.

Ready to Devour!

Ready to Devour!

Hubby did a great job of showing restraint by NOT eating the subject matter! Proper pics were taken, and THEN he was able to dive in and enjoy.

Lasagna Ready to Eat


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8 Responses to Red Gold Simple Gourmet Lasagna Party

  1. What a very cool idea and that’s a beautiful lasagna.


    • Thanks so much! Hubby’s photos really show it off well. It’s certainly lasagna weather here. How’s your snow? Melting or socked in? Looks like another big storm in the making….stay warm!


      • Believe it or not, we’ve had the least snow (so far) here as in the 20+ years we’ve lived here. I’d say there’s about an inch or 2 on the ground from the last ‘storm’ but the cold has been nasty. I’d heard we had a big one coming this weekend but now my husband says the update is for it to be mostly rain. That would be perfectly fine with me!


        • Well, that’s good news…the way the Weather Channel reports things, you’d think the entire universe was covered in snow! They seem to love the drama these days..stay inside and drink hot chocolate. That always works for me!


        • Grrr, well it turned into snow after all. It’s a heavy, wet one & really not as bad as the headlines made it seem – maybe about 6″ – 8″ here. Spring? Where are you????


        • And NOW it looks like from the news that you guys are going to get slammed with a blizzard..ouch!!! Any snow is too much snow for me! LOL!


        • Oh yeah, this is going to be a big one & they’re comparing it to the blizzard of ’78 which was unbelievable. People died in their cars stuck on Rt. 128 & then of course they couldn’t plow because the highways were filled with snowbound cars. Hopefully we’ve learned since then & since Nemo. The funniest thing was in 1978, we were due to go out skiing in Jackson Hole, WY about 4 days after the blizzard hit. The roads still weren’t great but we had to get permission to travel, made it to the airport & had a great ski vacation although I think NH would have been just as good that year. Got extra gas for the generator so hopefully we won’t need it. Just hoping they let companies out early because I’m worried about my daughter & her fiancé getting home.


        • Hope you are still warm, safe, and have all of your power on at the house…could not believe they cancelled a gazillion flights to your neck of the woods….stay dry!


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