Oat-Crusted Pecan Pie – What a Twist!

As a lover of traditional ooey gooey pecan pie (especially since Hubby is the maker of said pies), this recipe  offered a pleasant and healthy oat crust option that just begged to be baked.

Baked Crust

Baked Crust

Since it’s the holiday season, and is indeed the toughest time of year to remain true to a healthy eating style, we were excited to give this crust a whirl.

Dry Ingredients Ready to Mix

Dry Ingredients Ready to Mix

Dry & Wet Ingredients - All Blended

Dry & Wet Ingredients – All Blended

Might I mention – we are SO glad we tried this crust recipe! Doubtful we’ll go back to packaged crusts in the future.

Press Into The Pie Plate

Press Into The Pie Plate

(***Since the traditional recipe is one from my childhood days, we actually did not use the one listed with the crust recipe).

Hubby adds dark chocolate chips and a lot of  small splash of Woodford Reserve bourbon for good measure.

Pecan Pie - Bourbon

Pecan Pie - Stirred with Chocolate

Hey, I’m not complaining! Tis the season, right?

Add the Syrup

Add the Syrup

Instead of corn syrup, we use the red labeled Alaga Syrup, which bakes up really dark and rich. We find it at the local Publix supermarket, but it looks like you can order it online as well.

Ready To Bake

Ready To Bake

Next time, we’ll have to try the Cranberry Sauce part of the recipe…but we just couldn’t wait to dive in to this pie, so the Sauce had to wait…..happy eating!

Pecan Pie - To eat



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2 Responses to Oat-Crusted Pecan Pie – What a Twist!

  1. Your husband is the 2nd husband I’ve run across in the past few weeks who is a pie maker. We had Christmas dinner with my daughter’s future in laws and Ed made all of the pies. This one certainly is a winner though & I can see why you’d need to taste test it right away. That sounds like a great crust – I’m going to have to try it.


    • Do you think it has anything to do with the bourbon and chocolate combo? I’m just thinking that might sway the makers to make more…! WEhat a Christmas treat for you.
      The crust is really easy to make. One tip – spray the pie plate really well, as the crust tends to stick a bit more than those ultra greasy ones from the supermarket. If you don’t, the crust kinda bondoes to the plate.


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