Could You Ever Get Tired of Eating Cookies?

Yesterday I continued down that seasonal path of baking cookies. Normally, cookies are not in my repertoire, since there are actual recipes that one must follow….I know….hard to improvise when baking.

Cookies - Stacked with Sno Man

Yes, both recipes are a bit healthy – yet slightly decadent tasting. Maybe it’s the toasted coconut, or maybe the toffee bits, or maybe it’s the dark chocolate gooey-ness when you can’t resist eating two or three one just as it comes out of the oven…maybe it’s just ALL of those things, right?

Why not bake up a batch or two right now, just in time for gifting? And remember – you would be remiss if you did not at least sample them to make sure your gift is worthy!

Cookies - Stacked

Not sure which ones we like better – the Oatmeal Toffee Cookies or the Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Tough to pick favorites, don’t you think….so why not just enjoy some of each. Since friends are coming over, we’ll ask them to vote and maybe they can help us pick the winner. (Or maybe, just maybe both recipes are winners.)


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7 Responses to Could You Ever Get Tired of Eating Cookies?

  1. loisann5 says:

    I didn’t see any of these lying around. Like on my pillow or something like that? Hmmmm….

    Loisann & her iPhone



  2. Karen says:

    I think that a sampling and a vote will be very fu event. I know they both must be delicious but it will also be interesting to see which is the favorite among your friends.


  3. I never get tired of cookies and I guess I will have to try both to see which is the best. Tell me, was the stack of cookies once as tall as the snowman? Usually it’s the snowman who melts, not cookie stacks.


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