A gorgeous place to stay in Florence

Hubby and I had the opportunity to catch up with Debra, our blog friend from” Bagni di Lucca and Beyond”, while she was in Florence for a day trip. (I think some shopping was involved…!) Debra was able to visit the Residenza d’Epoca in Piazza della Signoria where we always stay during our Thanksgiving holiday. Debra certainly has captured the essence of the hotel, so please read and enjoy her post. Take care!

Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

My delightful blogging friends Susan and Wade from Come follow me to Italy regularly stay at Residenza d’Epoca, In Piazza della Signoria, a most beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Florence.

The owners, Alessandro and Sonia Pini, bought an amazing 15th century building and lovingly turned it into a hotel with 10 rooms and 3 apartments.

Susuan and Wade were in Florence recently and introduced me to Sonia and I had a personal tour of In Piazza della Signoria.

Meet Sonia. She and Alessandro bought the house as an investment, but fell in love with it and decided to renovate it and turn it into a place where they could welcome people from all over the world to enjoy their little piece of Florence.


The position of the hotel is great. Stand behind the statue of Cosimo Medici on his horse in the Piazza Signoria and look…

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