A Special Dinner In Rome, Italy

The final two nights of our vacation in Italy last November were spent in Rome. We were on a mission: to find the quaint little restaurant that we had visited during our first trip to Rome many years ago.

Cutting the meats

Luckily, find it, we did! We had the pleasure of returning to Ristorante Alessio (located close to the central train station). Tucked away below street level, just walk down a wooden staircase and you find a warmth and hospitality that makes you feel right at home.

Alessio Sign

Before you ask – Yes, we went two nights in a row! It’s that good.

Deciding on what to enjoy was the tough part – Hubby had the Lasagna, with homemade pasta and three cheeses. Chef Mario makes the bechamel sauce each morning from scratch…love it!  Yes, Hubby had it two nights in a row!

Lasagna Close up

First night, I had the Strozzapreti Alessio  – which was homemade pasta with porcini mushrooms, vongole, tomatoes, and oil.  

My Dish

For the second visit, it was Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese, topped with a fragrant fresh tomato sauce.

My Ravioli

Adding to our pleasure was the Carciofi alla Romana – Artichokes cooked Roman Style – both nights!


What’s dinner without dessert? Wrong for sure….so here’s to the Tiramisu. Next night, we sampled the Souffle al Cioccolato con Gelato.  Note to self: No translation needed here!


Dessert After

If there ever were the perfect ending to a perfect meal, it would surely involve this lemony treat:


If you happen to find yourself in Rome, Italy, and you happen to be hungry for dinner, don’t miss out. Go straight to Ristorante Alessio – dine with Chef Mario, Federico, Andrea, and Daniel. Expect straight forward cooking, food made with love, and attention to excellent customer service –  always a winning combination!

Chef and staff



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Inspired by travels to Italy, cooking with fresh ingredients, sharing our Kitchen Inventions dinners with friends, and enjoying good wine. Photography and cooking are the main focus for our site. Please stop by Wade's website to enjoy more of his works of photography.
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10 Responses to A Special Dinner In Rome, Italy

  1. paninigirl says:

    Happy to hear that it was as wonderful as you remembered it to be. We always went back to a special place in Florence that we found on our first trip and the last time it just wasn’t that good-we were so disappointed.


    • I just hate it when the ol’ tast buds are disappointed…it seems that the memory is sometimes better than the actual time spent there, eh? LOL! As I tell my friends: I’m ok with change, as long as it does NOT impact me!!


  2. megtraveling says:

    The food looks delicious and the gelato dessert must have been amazing!


  3. Very nice. I wish we had found this place when we were there but I have to say I never met a bad meal in any city in Italy. Guess your husband liked that lasagna huh? Sounds like my husband when he finds a winner of a meal – stick with it.


    • Well, when you guys go back with us, then we can all eat there together!!! Remember – we go to Italy every November for Thanksgiving…hmmmmm…


      • I think you guys have a great Thanksgiving tradition & one I’d love to start. Now, to just kick my husband in the butt to realize that work will still be there when he gets back! He should have retired a couple years ago but it’s all I can do to get him to take an entire week off from work.


        • Work will be there long after we are all dead and gone! Tell him that, ok?!?!? Life is entirely too short to give all of your precious time to “an employer” who would just as easily lay you off from that precious job, then keep you when times are tough…Now, after that little speech – make plans NOW to go to Italy in November for Thanksgiving with us and the locals. He and you won’t regret that!! It’s worth 2 weeks time off from the grind of work, for sure.


        • Oh I’ve given him the lecture many many times but you know what? I think it’s beginning to actually sink in. We had a good talk about him retiring & I think it’s just that he’s always been such a hard worker, he finds it hard to relax. A really great friend of mine had a very high position at Staples & he’d talked of retiring for years (they just kept throwing money on the table at him which made it difficult) but when he finally pulled the plug & left, he was like a new man. It’s almost like someone energized his batteries. He’s just as busy now as when he “worked” but he’s doing things he really enjoys. (And don’t worry, I make sure we get together often so he can give John the pep talk).


        • Keep after him…Florence for Thanksgiving…repeat after me…Florence for Thanksgiving! LOL!


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