A Day Trip To Dubai

Dubai - Elliot and JenOne Saturday while in Abu Dhabi, I was fortunate to spend the day in Dubai with a friend and his lovely wife. They have lived there a number of years, and took me on a journey to see “The New, Lunch, and The Old” Dubai. It proved to be the perfect way to spend the day.

Riding over from Abu Dhabi, my driver pointed out all of the interesting sites along the way, including the bridge / overpass that marks the “border” between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Passing new construction, tall buildings, and sparkling glass, we soon were traveling along the interstate past sand, sand, and more sand. Truly amazing to think that this is how the whole area looked not so many years ago!

Swiftly making our way, we arrived in Dubai around noon. Perfect time to hit the Dubai Mall. And of course, don’t you buy your Aston Martin at the mall?!?!?

Dubai - Aston Martins

Next we had lunch, and watched the dancing waters.

Dubai - Dancing Waters

With the Burj Khalifa as the backdrop, you feel as if you are in another world.

Here’s a shot of the Burj…rising from the ground, over 160 stories tall, it appears to be at the very least a mirage! It is a stunning piece of art and architecture.

Dubai - The Birj

Next, we left our Italian cafe (of course, we ate Italian food for lunch!) to head to the waterfront. Here, we wandered the side streets, and ended up sipping tea while enjoying the water views.

Dubai - Water Taxis

Back to the night life in Dubai, we (almost) watched the sunset – or should I say we watched the sun get completely swallowed by a cloud! Still, the color was beautiful.

Dubai - Sunset

After enjoying a glass of wine, and saying our “good byes”, I was off by taxi to Abu Dhabi with fond memories of time spent with new friends.


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Inspired by travels to Italy, cooking with fresh ingredients, sharing our Kitchen Inventions dinners with friends, and enjoying good wine. Photography and cooking are the main focus for our site. Please stop by Wade's website to enjoy more of his works of photography.
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12 Responses to A Day Trip To Dubai

  1. Karen says:

    I enjoyed your little day trip too Dubai…thank you for taking us along.


  2. Jenna says:

    Aw Susan! I love it! So pleased you enjoyed your day, it was lovely to meet you. I shall be flicking through your blog to see what your up to. Hope your flight home was ok?
    Until next time! Xx


    • I truly enjoyed meeting you both, and spending time discussing food, health, and “good eats” with you! I really do hope that you have a chance to come to the US so we can reciprocate the hospitality you showed to me. Until then!! Susan


  3. Although I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice, you took some amazing shots. I’m in awe of the architecture – the Burj just doesn’t even look like something that could be built. How great though to be able to see all this with people who can show you around.
    Just curious – are they sending the Aston Martin to your house? Just one?


    • The Burj is unreal. I was fortunate enough to get up to the 121st floor, as the project I was working on in Abu Dhabi owns that floor of the Burj. The view down was enough to make you swoon!!

      Yes, the Aston Martins (plural) are being shipped…but not to me! LOL!


  4. Roberta says:

    how beautiful!!!! and sooo CLEAN! And modern! Gorgeous photos!


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