A Slice Of Paris in Abu Dhabi

L - Cookie TreatsToday, I ventured down Khalifa St. to a quaint restaurant called La Brioche. Recommended by one of my new friends here in Abu Dhabi, I decided to try it for lunch. Great choice! Here’s the story:

La Brioche serves freshly made items, all natural, from ingredients imported from France. Their pastries are lovely to look at, so imagine how much fun it is to eat them! Plus, they bake continuously throughout the day, so you know the items in the case are always freshly made and ready to enjoy.

Here’s a look at some of the items that caught my eye (and my taste buds were right there with me!)

How Pretty Is This?

How Pretty Is This?

Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Delight

 Lucky for me, Jasheep (the manager) allowed me a “sneak look” behind the scenes. As the oven door swung open, the croissants were lovingly placed inside to bake – the smells in the restaurant were incredible!

L - Croissants Ready for the Oven


L - Croissants into oven


Jasheep and his team members were friendly, smiling, and ready to be at my service – all of the great qualities that makes me want to go back for more (which, by the way, I will certainly do next weekend). Professional and polished does not even begin to describe the customer service experience you will receive here.

Here’s the team saying “Hello” to each of you. (Just wait until later this week, and I’ll show you the great lunch I had…it will leave your mouth-watering…)

The Team at La Brioche

The Team at La Brioche



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6 Responses to A Slice Of Paris in Abu Dhabi

  1. Ah leave it to you to get into the kitchen. Everything looks wonderful and that looks like a very friendly crew there.


    • I know….that’s something I really miss when traveling – having my kitchen! But these guys were super nice, and the food is really fresh and good. Will go back this weekend for Round 2!


      • Well so far, as I’ve read about your travels, it seems to me you manage to get into every kitchen in every country you’ve been to. You much work that charm. I would definitely be back to that place for round 2.


        • I just don’t know how it happens…a camera, notepad, and friendly conversation about my blog seems to work magic! Plus people everywhere “talk food” so even if the language is different, the smells and love of food are always the same!


  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    They look like a friendly bunch…and the pastries look good too.


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