Lola’s Italian Cousins and A Marathon

Of the many special things we enjoy during our vacation in Italy each November, one of our favorites is attending the Florence Marathon and cheering on the runners who are brave enough (and so fit!) to run that race.

Having met several runners over the years at restaurants around town, we have a ball trying to pick them out during the race and take a photo to share with them. This year, while having lunch at Trattoria Mario, we were fortunate enough to sit at the same table as Thorsten and his wife from Munich, Germany.

Luckily, we did get photos of our new friend (#4024) in the race. Congratulations, Thorsten!!


Runners continued to round the bend, and we did our best clapping, cheering, and urging the runners on – Way to go, Thorston!! But wait…..


As we glanced to our right, what did we see?!? Lola’s Cousins! (Now if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Lola, take a look at her Mom’s blog….you will certainly want to read about Lola’s antics….and so much more!).

Italian Lola2

Ciao, Lola. From Italy – with love and big wet doggie baci baci (kisses) to you! 🙂

Italian Lola1


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6 Responses to Lola’s Italian Cousins and A Marathon

  1. OMG! You’ve found a Lola dog…or 2 on your trip. Every time I travel I always seem to find a Berner & miss Lola even though I know she’s being so well taken care of at my friend’s – Club Harry. Boy that one in the front has Lola’s exact markings with what they call the panda face (big white blaze).
    So I showed this to my husband to point out how EVERYBODY ALWAYS gets 2 Berners at a time. And his response…”and you see what that one is doing to the woman?” Funny how they all like to bounce off your chest, except when they’re doing what Berner #2 is doing: “zzzzzzzz, call me when dinner’s ready”.
    Thanks for thinking of us & the shout out. Can’t wait for the new recipes coming from this trip.


    • Those doggies were so NOT interested in the entire marathon “thingie” going on…how that one slept through the commotion is beyond me! We could not resist taking the pics of the Lola Look Alikes….it was so funny to see them in action. 2? Not sure where they keep them in Italy, since space is always at a premium. Unless they have their own house…literally!

      If only I could get home from traveling for work, those recipes would be yours…soon, very soon! LOL!


      • I know you’re going to find this hard to believe because they are a big chunky dog but once you get used to the size you just learn to step over them or straddle them when they’re sprawled in front of the sink & you don’t notice the size at all. They’re so low maintenance because a very short walk is all they care for (my first would go about 20′ & call it a day). I’ve got about 2 of our acres wired w/underground fence & unless I’m out there Lola rarely uses it. The one who’s chilling in the last picture is pretty typical Berner but I’d bet if one of those runners strapped a steak on his back you’d see a lot more interest.
        Work – always getting in the way!


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