Fiats Abound in Viareggio, Italy

Everywhere you turn in Italy, there seems to be a Fiat. Not the new, shiny ones advertised by Charlie Sheen and a super model. But the really cool, old, well used and well loved ones. Fiats with character and a certain charm. Ones that people actually drive. You know, the REAL ones.

Viareggio was definitely no exception to the Fiat rule.

Here’s a really pretty one parked with a Red Friend.

And this one is parked in front of the Bridal Store.

And this one is “old“……..

See the registration on the back of the car? It says “1970”…that sure doesn’t seem “old“…!

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15 Responses to Fiats Abound in Viareggio, Italy

  1. adorable (if you I can say so) and very practical cars! even their colors are special 🙂


  2. Super cute! When I can travel again, it will be Italy … for 3 weeks at least.


  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    We have the new Fiat in baby blue and we love it.


  4. And – as I noticed when I was in Naples – these little cars allow Italian drivers to squeeze in and out of lanes of traffic and create new “lanes”! 🙂


  5. 1970 – old? Hey, hey… that was just a couple years ago wasn’t it? When I first dated my husband he had a little Fiat convertible. Drove that car until there were no floorboards left. You could do a Fred Flintstone to stop the car if you had to.
    Have fun!


  6. megtraveling says:

    They are such cute cars, and I like your assortment of different models and colors. Fantastic!


  7. Karen says:

    I just love the old little Fiats…I took lots of photos of them last year in Italy as well.


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