An Immersion Blender the Size of a Small House


During the first day of cooking classes at the International Academy of Italian Cuisine  in Lucca, Italy, we were off to a strong start. The day’s Guest was Chef Umberto Creatini , who instructed us on cooking typical fish dishes from Livorno. Chef Creatini’s restaurant is Restaurant Miramare.

The menu for the day consisted of:

  1. Sarde Ripiene
  2. Zuppa del Carbonaio
  3. Cacciucco alla Livornese (I was on this soup team)
  4. Schiaccia Briaca Dell’Elba
Fish - So Nice to Meet You!
Fish – So Nice to Meet You!


Never have I seen so many various types of fish that look NOTHING like what we have in the US.




Ready to Clean and Chop
Ready to Clean and Chop


All so fresh, you could swear they were still alive…but not for long, as we sliced and diced to construct our dishes.




Our fish soup was extremely interesting, in that after cleaning the various types of fish, all of the bones etc. were placed in a pot of water, which I assumed would become fish stock. But NO! There were other plans for that pot of boiling bones, celery, and carrots –

Out comes the largest immersion blender on the planet, and my classmate, Olimpio, begins to grind away until the bones, etc. has become a pulp of “brownish stuff”.

Immersion Blender Like No Other....

Immersion Blender Like No Other….

Then, he takes a fine mesh sieve, and pushes the pulp through until there is nothing but “brownish stuff with no big pieces”.

Ground and Strained

Ground and Strained

Next, the “juice” goes into a bowl, and is put back into the other saucepan, where the soup is cooking.

Bak In The Pool

Back In The Pool

How odd you might say? Well, I have to admit it tasted absolutely delectable!

Plating For Lunch

Plating For Lunch

Here’s the finished dish, before we all devoured the soup like a pack of hungry canines.

Let's Eat!

Let’s Eat!

(P.S. – I am happy to share the recipe – only it’s all in Italian! Just send me your email address, and I’ll send the scanned recipe to you. )

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7 Responses to An Immersion Blender the Size of a Small House

  1. sybaritica says:

    What a fantastic experience! I’ve seen quite a few ‘tour’ vacations that include cooking classes in various countries and I dream of doing that when I retire. Even just getting to see and taste this interesting fish would have been great! I am *SO* envious…


  2. Fascinating! I noticed you said ‘all of the bones etc.” Thank you for your choice of words – not sure I want to know just what ‘etc’ is exactly 😉 But definitely wish I could have tried the final product 🙂


  3. Now that’s an immersion blender! If I had that one I probably wouldn’t have ended up with mussels in my hair. Sounds like a wonderful meal but I’m not sure that I’d be able to look at the fish before they got chopped,diced, sliced & smooshed. What an experience though.


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