Pizza in Pisa – Simple, Tasty, and So Italian…..

Gargoyles in Pisa, Italy

Gargoyles in Pisa, Italy

Just back from a marvelously relaxing yet totally energizing trip to Italy. So much to share with you, and with so many photos to view, discard, resize, and write their story, I thought it best to start with a simple lunch experience.

After an overnight flight, I landed in Milan, trained to Genova, switched trains, into Pisa, and got a great night’s sleep. Then, I was ready to tackle the new day.

After fueling up on a tasty breakfast at Hotel Alessandro Della Spina (since I kinda slept through dinner the night before…), I took an early walk around the city – to the river, crossed over, strolled through the park, walked back along the other side, and took my own sweet time exploring.

Pisa - Strolling The River

Pisa – Strolling The River

 Time for photos of the really old section of Pisa.

Window With A View

Window With A View

New shops have opened.  Not many tourists out just yet.

Pisa's Ancient Walls

Pisa’s Ancient Walls

 Have many of the streets to myself. Sun is soft and warm, and just perfect for photos.

Ancient and Beautiful

Ancient and Beautiful

One unique site was at the new North Face store. Standing on a tall ladder was a man painting an impressive scene of Pisa on the inside wall of the store.


Painter Extraordinaire!

Painter Extraordinaire!

How cool is that? Does YOUR North Face store have anything like THAT?…I think not!

This is my favorite church in Pisa – Santa Maria della Spina, built in 1230.

Santa Maria della Spina Church

Santa Maria della Spina Church

It seems to be “floating” on the banks of the river. Read all about it here, as the history is fascinating.

All this walking made me really hungry, so what’s a girl to do? After all, I’m in Italy….That’s right – time to start eating! So….off to lunch.

Where's The Basil?...

Where’s The Basil?…

Amazingly, the simple pleasures are always the best in life – especially if said pleasure happens to involve a fresh, hot Pizza Margherita at La Lupa Ghiotta .

AND if that same pleasure comes with an ice-cold beer, well…that’s an added bonus indeed!

So that’s how my eating adventures started – in Pisa – with so many more to come. I’ll keep you “posted”, right?…..


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8 Responses to Pizza in Pisa – Simple, Tasty, and So Italian…..

  1. I’ve never been to Pisa, and your photos are making me want to go. I an see why the church is your favourite, as you say it’s almost hanging over the river. Happy travels!


  2. paninigirl says:

    Love your photos-especailly the man on the ladder! I’ve never been to Pisa except on the bus from the airport to Lucca and I did get see the wonderful old wall. I have to go back and explore-it’s so close to Lucca.


    • He was so unexpected! The idea of something so beautiful on the wall (as opposed to a BIG Corporate LOGO) was refreshing.

      When you decide to visit Pisa, let me know and I’ll share some of my faves with you for (of course..) food and hotels.

      (Plus, I get my haircut each time I’m in Pisa….how indulgent of me 🙂 )


  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    Pisa is a great city. Most people just go to the tower and move on….such a pity.


  4. The pictures are lovely & I am so jealous. I want to go back. It’s incredible how much there is to see in Italy – the architecture, history, scenery & of course the food. I never had a bad meal when I was over there. Never did get over to Pisa & I think the next time I would like to get over to the Cinque Terre side.


    • Pisa is a pleasure to visit – easy to walk around, beautiful scenery, good food (lots of fish!), and clean! We did not make it to the Cinque Terre this year. Hope to next time. Let me know when you are ready for a trip 🙂


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