“Nothing Fancy About It” Apple Crisp

Nothing Fancy About It Apple Crisp

Our friend, Michael (better known as “Fancy Pants“, or just “F.P.” to those of us who are close) invited us recently to meet for breakfast. We’ve known each other far tooooo long, and always have a couple of Yuck Yuck laughs, and tell stories that are usually better left untold. You know, really great friends!

In honor of our breakfast visit, we dedicate this dish to him – “Super Simple Apple Crisp, Cooked on the Grill, in a Cast Iron Skillet”.  The name is MUCH fancier than the actual dish itself.

It’s as easy as pie….or actually, as crisp!

  1. Wash, core, and chop 1 Red Delicious and 2 Granny Smith apples.
  2. Toss them  into a small oiled cast iron skillet.
  3. Squeeze lemon juice on apple pieces; stir; and add 1 Tbsp. of maple syrup and stir to coat.
  4. Stir in some Craisins for pretty color.
  5. Mix together in a small bowl: 2 Tbsp of oats, some chopped walnuts, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, and 1 Tbsp of brown sugar. Pour on top of the apple mixture.
  6. Drop 1 Tbsp of butter (cut into tiny pieces) on top. 
  7. Pop onto your outdoor grill on indirect heat for about 20-25 minutes, at around 350 degrees.
  8. Once the top is browned and the apples are soft, you are ready to enjoy. 

    Our Fancy Garden Friend

Not too fancy, but definitely worthy of a place on the table – Enjoy!


About Our Kitchen Inventions

Inspired by travels to Italy, cooking with fresh ingredients, sharing our Kitchen Inventions dinners with friends, and enjoying good wine. Photography and cooking are the main focus for our site. Please stop by Wade's website to enjoy more of his works of photography.
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2 Responses to “Nothing Fancy About It” Apple Crisp

  1. paninigirl says:

    I am so glad that you found my blog so that I in turn found yours! When are you going to be in Lucca? I’d love to find out about all your favorite places in Lucca and the nearby countryside!


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