Spring is Definitely Here….!!!!

Gargoyle Guards the Garden

Talk about Spring Has Sprung! We have had temps in the 80’s for a week, with no relief in sight.

(There are rumors of rain soon, to wash the pollen off of our world. )

Even the plants are totally surprised at what is happening with the weather. Did I mention the pollen count?…it’s SO high, you would sneeze just from being told the number….




Here are some pics of our patio plants……just look at the the different shades of green….it is so amazing, that we just had to share with you.

Assortment of Hostas

We “rescued” these lenten roses from a sidewalk crack in an old city park about 10 years ago, when they were no more than 2 tiny leaves on a stem…Had no idea they would not only survive, but actually thrive!

Tiny Purple Flowers

Hope you enjoy the view up close of these purple flowers. They’re on the shrub in front of the gargoyle, and you barely notice them – until very close up. 

Oregano Ready for Cooking!

The oregano is quickly outgrowing its container…must use it soon….

Bluebird House At Sunset

Our blue birds are back, building a “home” for their future fledglings. Very exciting to see them return. Will watch them raise their babies as the hardest working parents in the neighborhood! Never any rest for them once those little ones hatch. Hopefully, there will be pictures to share in late Spring / early Summer. Wish them luck!


About Our Kitchen Inventions

Inspired by travels to Italy, cooking with fresh ingredients, sharing our Kitchen Inventions dinners with friends, and enjoying good wine. Photography and cooking are the main focus for our site. Please stop by Wade's website to enjoy more of his works of photography.
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1 Response to Spring is Definitely Here….!!!!

  1. wade says:

    Bloomin stuff will be next…iris, gardenia, canna lily just to name a few.


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